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Surrounded by one of Winnipeg’s fastest growing communities, Park City Commons will be an exciting, new, mixed-use development located between new and established households in the city’s northeast. The development will be anchored by a brand new grocery store with multi-use buildings designed with modern architectural features that will engage residents and visitors as they flock to Park City Commons for a wide array of amenities – a trip to the grocery store, a meal at a restaurant, a doctor's appointment, a meeting at a bank, a visit to the library, or to participate in activities at the recreation centre. Park City Commons offers an ideal setting for a growing community to access a host of services and amenities.  

New and updated infrastructure (Plessis Road and underpass, Transcona Boulevard east-west connector, future transit and ring road extensions) position Park City Commons as a new crossroads in the northeast while providing convenient access to apartments, shopping and amenities.

When complete, this uniquely designed suburban mixed-use development will contain in excess of 100,000 square feet of commercial space that is directly adjacent to more than 600 apartment-style multi-family units.

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